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Date: 13th July 2016
Long term talent plan is the key

Hiring the right candidate is the core to the future success of your company

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Hiring the right candidate is the core to the future success of your company. More and more organizations poised to react quickly and efficiently to ensure they get available top talent. But this isn’t always the case, not all organizations wish to speed up hiring.

The researchers behind the study believes that extended hiring times are the result of two factors. Firstly, employers are using more screening and evaluation tools to shortlist candidates. Secondly, many companies are hiring for complex and highly specialized jobs, to get the relevant profiles it takes time.

Top talent in today’s workforce is in high demand and by the time you’ve made an offer it’s likely that they’ve probably already accepted one elsewhere. The only way to avoid missing out on top talent is to cut down your hiring process and find more efficiency. I offer these 4 top ways to accelerate hiring speed while maintaining a quality of hires.

1 Define a clear competency value

When defining the position that you wish to fill, think thoroughly about the hard and soft skills your candidate needs to have and specify them in the job posting from the very beginning. Establishing an accurate competency profile is a challenge and should be done carefully, as it is the basis for every following step of the process and for your final recruitment success. We create awesome job adverts to pull the right candidate for your organization.

2 Remove unnecessary screening process

Remove any extra screening or assessment tests in your interview which don’t add value. Skills test, personality test, and background checks are now being used more frequently than they were few years ago. You may skip few without sacrificing speed to add the actual value to the hiring process and eliminate/modify any that aren’t.

3 Bring only relevant candidates for face to face interview

The most time-consuming part of the interview process is often the first round interviews. You may introduce telephonic/video interview in order to minimize the time for hiring process. Also, trust your gut in the resume review round to eliminate hours of potentially wasted time for you and the hiring team.

4 Long term talent plan is the key

One of the most important ways is to create a long-term talent plan. Most organizations begin the search when it has an open position. To cut down time, hold informational interviews with prospective candidates for different areas within the company in advance of a job opening. This helps to build the pipeline of talent and eliminate the long hours and days for the hiring process.

AUTHOR: AppliView Technologies