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Date: 30th May 2016
Applicant Tracking System lightens the load of your recruiting

Large or small, companies are beginning to see the benefits of HR technology. A survey found that when it comes to companies of 1000+ employees, more than 50% planned to invest in software for their HR or Applicant Tracking System. Among companies with less than 200 employees, the number bounce to 60%. So what is it that has companies of all sizes making the investment in recruiting software?


It’s Efficiency

Applicant Tracking System  lightens the load of your recruiting and HR teams. Instead of bunch of papers, endless spreadsheets and overflowing inboxes, the right system will take all parts of the process and place them into one easy medium. ATS can reduce hiring time by as much as 20 %, But despite the available technology, major companies still have a manual, spreadsheet-based recruitment process. It’s easy to understand why companies may be reluctant to make a change when a process has worked sufficiently for a number of years. But there’s a big divide between good enough and just plain good. And no one would disagree that more time and organization is good for any company.

Everything is in One Place

Science proves that multitasking is a myth and a cluttered workspace can poorly affect productivity. Research shows that the more there is to process, both physically and mentally, the more likely your brain is to miss important details and take longer on a task. It’s probably safe to say that no one on the recruiting team has time to waste, so finding a way to keep all the clutter in a single place is important. Web-based Applicant Tracking Software enables users to keep documents, resumes, portfolios and candidates’ positions within the hiring process all in one place. Cloud-based ATS software ensures that no information is lost, even in the event of an internal system outage.

It Automates Recruiting and Hiring Process

If a task is being done again and again and in the same way, then automatization is a no-brainer. It’s a driving force behind technology of all kinds. A huge amount of the recruiting team’s time is spent emailing applicants, screening resumes and assigning and conducting interviews. A great recruitment software will minimize the time spent on administrative tasks and allow recruiters to focus on identifying great candidates.

It’s Customizable

Recruiting is an interaction between humans and there’s no way technology can take over the process completely. Each company is different and needs will vary based on position and industry, so the right recruitment software won’t disrupt your hiring workflow – it’ll enhance it. When choosing the software for your company, make sure it won’t paint your team into a corner in terms of process, but will instead empower them to create stages and assignments on their terms.

Hiring is more Collaborative

Organizations that communicate effectively are nearly five to six times more likely to retain the best employees. Communication and collaboration go hand-in-hand. When it comes to hiring, collaboration ensures that the entire team is contributing to the process instead of resting on the shoulders of one individual. From sharing notes to delegating tasks, recruiting software makes it easy for multiple members of your team to partake in the hiring process. When everybody has an opportunity to contribute, team members feel valued and diversity swells across the board. Not to mention, recruiting software ensures that each step along the way is documented, keeping the company compliant.

A company’s size is no longer an indication of its need for recruiting software. Even if your openings are limited and your budget is small, there’s a recruiting software to fit your requirements and price point. It’s an investment that will reap big returns in terms of efficiency, collaboration and compliance. for detail visit